August 5, 2013

"What good is it if someone gains the whole world - but loses her soul?"

That is the brief but poignant opening line from the introduction of the inspirational Christian book, What Matters Most for Women.

There are moments when our lives seems to mirror a car chasing action scene from the movie, Mad Max. Hypersonic, relentless, enthralling and sometimes (or most of the time), exhausting. Because of that, we have the tendency to forget and neglect the most significant part of our human composition. That is, non other than the soul. That's why I'm thankful that I've found this piece of gem in a sea of noteworthy paperbacks.

BOOK INSCRIPTION: What Matters Most for Women
PUBLISHER: OMF Literature, Inc.
CATEGORY: Inspirational

Hi there,

I was from my dentist to have my braces tighten when I stumbled upon this amazing book from our local bookstore. I had a love-at-first-sight with the cover for I'm a sucker for the color pink and I love flowers. What I love about it the most is that it is customized for women so most probably, it's gonna be much more relatable to me. When I went home, I immediately opened it and I finished it with one reading.


This book may serve as a first aid kit for a woman's wounded heart as it deals with some of life's dire situations  such as freedom from perfection, when it's hard to love, family problems, grief, the superwoman syndrome and loneliness.
  I'm a fan of the covering. It's pink and it has a Tulip flower as a design.

In addition, it also has cleansing properties for the soul, which refreshes our way of thinking and strengthens our relationship with God. I find these particular entries breathe new life into my being: Sharing my Faith, God's Grace, True Joy,  Friendship, Trusting God, Perseverance, Kindness and Gratitude.

The thing about this book is that it is quite unique for it actually is divided into sections. That's why it is much smoother to comprehend and follow.
It also has an additional freebie at the end.

For more information, you may visit their website at: OMF Litterature Inc.

Thank you for reading!