February 25, 2016

Getting through teenage years inflicts lots of confusion and a turmoil of emotions. The hormones are acting up and we're trapped between childhood and adulthood. Tracing through our 20's is a different story. We are officially a young adult. This is also a good time for self-discovery to prepare for the next chapter of our life that will entail bigger responsibilities. I just had my birthday and that made me inspired to share the top 10 things that I've learned throughout my 20's.

*Sigh* who wants to age, say ME!.

(hears faint sounds of crickets and frogs...)

Just what I thought, no one J

But aging is inevitable, we are all given one lifetime to live and it's up to us to use our time wisely. I've compiled the top 10 things that I've learned (some the hard way) throughout my 20's, which may be helpful to some who are just starting the young adult phase.

There’s a saying that what you enjoy as a child is what you really wanted to do in the future. So to uncover who you are, look back on your childhood. On my journey to self-discovery, I find this statement true. As a child, I love to draw. I don’t care whatever medium I’m going to use or whatever canvas is available (sorry about your office papers dad J), I’m going to sketch everything that comes in my mind. I also have a penchant for creating short stories with illustrations. Mostly scary and things that I find funny. Art was a big part of my life, I can even attest that art saved me many times. That’s why right now, I’m venturing the writing and art industry, ‘cause this is what I yearned. Lesson learned, NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU LOVE AS A CHILD, that might be the key to a blossoming and happy career.

Never forget what you love as a child. (c) to the image.
By the time that I was able to pay my own expenses and make life changing decisions, I was engulfed with the responsibilities that surrounds it. I want to hustle hard for my dream career, like Mad Max on the highway, never stopping, never looking back. There was a time that my office shift started in the evening and I forgot that there’s fun under the sun. Totally oblivious of my environment, I buried myself with work loads and eventually, became a robotic zombie – not exactly a dream of mine. To sum it up, all work and no play makes me a dull girl. So to make things better, I took baby steps. A camaraderie party here, a wedding there. Team building pig-outs here, a romantic dinner there. Back in my school days, I was a social butterfly, and guess what, though I’m an introvert by nature, I somehow enjoyed it (with people that I'm comfortable with, of course). Right now, my old fun loving self is back and I’m in it to relish it. So NEVER FORGET TO HAVE FUN!

Never forget to have fun. (c) to the image.
I have this unconscious belief that I’m invincible. I know I’m not an Elf from The Lord of the Rings but a part of me thinks that only silver can kill me. Not until I had my eyes checked and my doctor told me about my vision. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not turning Helen Keller but I’m a few steps away to Blurry Wonderland. That’s enough wake up call for me to pump-up my game when it comes to healthcare.  I’m noticing a few changes in my biology due to adulthood and I’m paying close attention. We cannot avoid death but it doesn’t hurt TO CARE FOR YOUR HEALTH and live a longer life. Exercise is now a part of my life and so is eating healthy.

Care for your health. (c) to the image.
“If we could just be children’s forever”, says any stressed adult who is meeting a deadline at work. I’m only  human and I admit that I’ve told this to myself once or twice. What I found to be therapeutic for me when my environment turns into an action-packed movie is by going somewhere far away. I’m a nerd and I like to stay at home and chill but there comes a time that gaming, movie and TV series marathons doesn’t work. When that time of need comes,  a heavy-duty relaxing machine is needed. To me, that equals to travelling. When I travel, my senses are working double time. A new sight, a new smell and a new taste. It recharges me so TO TRAVEL IS A MUST.

To travel is a must. (c) to the image.
I learned a lot from my dear friend Prime. We had great times. My small circle of friends back in highschool was way matured beyond their age. We  used to stay in the classroom when class is over and talk about a lot of things. Life, love, religion, you name it. Prime was my classmate when I was in highschool and he had proved a lot not just to his loved ones but to the LGBT community as well. He was gay and proud of it. He can sing, he can dance, he’s intelligent and he shares my belief in God. After graduating from highschool, he went to the states and pursued his college degree. We still have communication from time to time but seldom talk. And then the news came that he passed away. We were all in shock. I was in disbelief, he was too young to go. After that, the emotion turned into sadness. People die, that’s a simple fact. But death is too cinematic to some of us, it seems unreal. Since he passed away, I learned TO CHERISH MY FRIENDS MORE. As long as you came in my life, we had a special bond, you will be treasured.

To cherish friends more. (c) to the image.
Yes it’s true that in time, you and your bestfriend/s may drift apart. Time brings lots of changes so there are many factors to it. It may be because of geographical reasons, being busy with adult life or you both grew up as very different individuals with an opposite lifestyle and personality. But, if your best buddy is a real friend, your friendship will stand the test of time. REAL FRIENDS STAY no matter what.

Real friends stay, no matter what. (c) to the image.
I remember the first time I had a mobile phone. I was 10 years old, my parents spend most of their time in the office so communication is important. But it was until I was 13 years old that I understood the power of a new gadget. A new mobile phone was introduced to the family and as my 13 year old self held the piece of technology, I was astonished. Years later, I cannot remember how many mobile phones have entered my life. But one thing is for sure, I change it every year.  I’m not saying that changing gadgets to be up-to-date with technological advancement is wrong, what I realized is that MATERIAL THINGS FADES in time so we should invest with things that lasts like memories with loved ones.

Material things fades. (c) to the image.
I named my favorite Barbie doll, Tarla. She has perfect hair and makeup, she wears nice clothes, she has her own car, her own house and a chic job. I guess as a kid, I always wanted to be the girl who’s independent and in-charge. Along the way, things went uphill and then rolled downhill and then points uphill again. To  make it short, my life was a hell of a roller coaster ride. But the ride was worth the scare. Taught me what I wanted and what I needed to do in order to get it. With all the highs and lows and a couple of bumps here and there, I’m glad that I made it. INDEPENDENCE RULE.

Independence rule. (c) to the image.
Problems are unavoidable. Even the richest man in the world have problems. We cannot avoid problems but we can avoid negativity. Negativity may appear in our life in the form of someone, something, a situation or our mentality. If problems are inevitable, why should we gravitate to negative circumstances? Throughout the years,  I’ve learned that we can let it go. If it’s something that we’re having a hard time letting go, like a job or a person then slowly, find a way to set it free, or set it on fire (kidding!). Just AVOID NEGATIVITY, stay away from it stay away from it like a plague.

Avoid negativity. (c) to the image.
Time flies fast. It seems yesterday I was just 16, studying, fan girling and self-discovering. In the blink of an eye, I’m a full-fledged woman. We can buy material things, movie and concert tickets, or even a new look, but we can’t buy time. Ever. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. So I learned TO SPEND TIME WISELY. Every second counts.

Spend time wisely. (c) to the image.

Thank you,